Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who's a good boy?. . .

I find myself talking to my son like a dog sometimes. I'm sure that's normal. He's learned to ask to "wok" when he wants us to put him down. And most days the two of us take a little walk up and down our street. I find myself wanting to teach him to heel. . . I suppose holding his hand will have to do for now. I refuse to get a leash for my kid.

The praise "good boy" has been uttered by my wife more than once.

Of course he reacts like a dog sometimes too. When I ask him if he'd like to go for a walk he yells "wok" (like a bark) and gets excited. When I ask him if he wants a cookie (treat) he runs to the cabinet where we keep the cookies. He runs to the window when he hears a truck coming down the street. He even listens for other dogs and often barks back.

I suppose on the bright side he's stopped most of his chewing on everything and I've never seen him rub his butt across the carpet.

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caramama said...

Too funny! LOL about not rubbing his butt on the carpet!

We're pretty good about not saying "good girl" by replacing it with "good job." But I still tend to give her commands like I do the dog. Especially "sit" (as om don't stand precariously on the arm of the chair) and "off" (as in get off of that toy you are standing on before the cheap plastic breaks and you fall into a pile of sharp shards).