Friday, February 6, 2009

Weirdo. . .

Muppet Baby Gonzo
My son is weird.

  1. When laying in bed not sleeping (either before going to sleep or when he wakes up) he reaches through the bars of his crib to the adjacent laundry basket and pulls out as many dirty items as he can. He then snuggles with them and smashes them on his face giggling.
  2. He loves playing in boxes, not with boxes, in boxes. I've mentioned before his car seat box that he plays in often. He still does that, he also plays in an old treadmill box that I used to make a Spongebob Squarepants Halloween costume many years ago (I can't imagine why he's weird). The last night we had our parent education over. She was going over the screening he had the visit earlier and was telling us he is the only kid in her 40 child caseload who is at or above where he should be on everything. Bragging about how smart and developed he is. . . meanwhile he's climbing into a small box and then wearing it on his head and shaking it all about. So much for thinking he's developing well.
  3. Two nights ago he was playing the freezer while I was getting something out. I used my foot to slide him backwards on the kitchen floor. He decided then and there that he'd keep going backwards. He crawled backwards all the way out of the kitchen. Then yesterday he slid on his belly backwards two different times. About 15 feet each time, until he backed into a wall.
So my son is weird. . . and I'm OK with that.

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Amy said...

I adore your weird son.