Friday, February 13, 2009

Doing it wrong for my baby. . .

We've been shielding our son from peanuts like recommended by most experts. The idea was that exposure to peanuts caused allergies. And now this comes up. For those who don't want to jump to the story, it basically says that early exposure to peanuts is actually the key to preventing peanut allergies.

In addition to that the U.S. Court of Federal Claims has ruled that the link between vaccines and autism is crap. The story is from NPR so it has lots of in depth related articles. I also found there that actress Amanda Peet has spoken out against Jenny McCarthy. I used to not like Amanda Peet.

It comes down to this. Parents are always going to be doing something wrong. Did they questions giving us the Polio vaccine? No, they knew Polio could kill us so they made us get a shot. Did they keep us from food products for fear it'd cause allergies? No, they fed us everything.

Sleep on the back, sleep on the stomach, sleep on the back. Breast milk, no formula, no breast milk. Does anyone know? What we think we're doing right now we'll be doing wrong in 5 years. How many people older than you have rolled their eyes at the thought of your video monitor or the 3 car seats you've bought? In a few years, we'll have done everything wrong and there will be a whole new set of rules.

One last note. How would parents and society be reacting if it was found that TV consumption was directly related to autism? Specifically shows with bright colors and cheery singing?

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Wouldn't that be a kick in the crapper.....