Friday, January 2, 2009

Who's watching the baby?. . .

Ah, Christmas break. Two weeks off work, mostly, to stay at home with the family. . . also the same time every year that I get the worst cold ever.

I apologize for the shortage of posts. Sure I was home for two weeks, sure I might have had time to post (when not coughing up a lung), but I was also spending almost every waking hour with the little monkey. That meant nap times and bed times were for not thinking about him. . . which meant not writing about him.

So today I'm back at work. Normally at this time we're finishing up breakfast and moving on to watching Sid the Science Kid. I never thought I'd be so happy to be back at work. Don't get me wrong I loved my time at home with my wife and baby, but I needed some time away.

Part of it comes from not having a day away from it. My mom and little sister (our normal babysitters) made it very clear that they were tired of always having a grandkid around. My other sisters have two kids each and one of them is always around. And my mother-in-law already has our little guy every weekday. So we feel bad leaving him over there when she's not supposed to have him.

It brings up the importance of having time without your child(ren). I've talked before about needing to keep the marriage going and not letting your job as parent overshadow you job as spouse. This includes time alone. . . not time while the baby is napping in the other room (which is good time), but time out being adults with the kid in the care of someone else.

We need to find a non-relative baby sitter.

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caramama said...

Londo and I were just talking about how we have not gone away alone together since before being pregnant with the Pumpkin. Last trip for us was in March 2006!

Now that I'm pregnant with number two, we are asking my mom to watch the Pumpkin for a weekend so we can get away. We'll go with another couple, but it will still be time for us. I hope she says yes...

Good luck finding a babysitter! We have one and do get the occassional night out together. It's really needed.