Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a sign. . .

When Skippy Jr. turned six months old we started signing to him. It's the new cool cliche thing for parents to do. We started, as the definitive book on baby signing says to, with eat and more. Every feeding, four time a day we signed eat and more. After a couple months the signing solicited crying when we did them. . . I guess that was his way of saying "of course I want to eat" and "yes more!" but that was it.

After he hit 10-11 months our enthusiasm waned and we mostly gave up on signing. Then a couple weeks ago The little rat started signing "more" when he wanted more food one meal. We of course obliged. It was like training a dog from there. The only trick was make sure that as soon as he put his hands together another piece of whatever it is he was eating was in front of him.

So this morning?. . . he signed eat. I woke him up and dressed him and we were playing around with him standing on his changing pad and he put his hand up to his mouth with his hand in the pose for eat. I asked if he wanted to eat and signed back and he grunted and signed eat again.

And after months of not really doing it. . . I guess he could be giving me the finger.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how they just pick it up. We had the same feelings with Carter. After 6 mo of signing with him and not seeing any signs back we gave up, then one day he just started signing and it just flourished from there. We would sign for everything and he just kept pickign them up. He loves the signing time videos. I am still working with Peyton, but he just gives me the blank stare like yeah that's what I want. Though he will cry and when I sign more he smiles, so I know that is what he wants. He has been doing milk for awhile, but that is it so far.


caramama said...

The Pumpkin LOVES to sign and has always really liked the Baby Signing Times DVDs. She has a super wide vocabularly, and even speaks in sentences now, but she still loves to sign. And it's a fun way to keep her hands busy when she is grabbing for things that she should.

I hope you guys enjoy the signing as much as we do!