Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you talkin' to me? . . .

In addition to lots of meaningless jabbering and his couple signs, Skippy Jr. has picked up a few words lately. . .

Ah-oh="I just dropped that on purpose, pick it up, bitch!"
Cook-cook="Cookie" (both the snack and the monster)
Bi-Buh=Big Bird and a variation of bye-bye
Bah-bah=Bye bye (normally said after the person is completely out of ear shot)
Woah=Doesn't this thing I'm doing look dangerous and cool?

This morning, after breakfast, he grabbed the TV remote and was pointing it at the TV playing with it. After a few minutes he pointed it at me and said "cook-cook." It took me a couple times but I finally understood. I told him, "just for a minute" (we were running late already). I turned on a TiVOed episode of Sesame Street and fast-forwarded to a segment with Cookie Monster. He smiled and yelled cook-cook.

Then he pooped.


Sarah said...

It never fails that if you're running late, they will poop. I think its like a control issue thing. Just reminding you who's really in charge.

I'm Not Skippy said...

Every morning. Get him up, get him dressed, get him fed, get ready to leave. . . poop.

caramama said...

Hysterical post. Especially: Ah-oh="I just dropped that on purpose, pick it up, bitch!"