Monday, January 19, 2009

Pick a winner. . .

For the past few days our little man has had two bats in the cave. . . well caves. Two ginormous boogers almost completely obstructing this nostrils. Just sitting there, staring us in the face, right there, but just too far back to get to.

Yes, we've been trying to evacuate them. It's awful. First, holding him down to even be able to look at the situation is a fight. Second, finding a way to get them out is difficult. I don't have fingernails at my disposal so my lovely wide has been assigned with the actual plucking. And they are embedded in there good.

Late yesterday Patrick (that's what we named the smaller living in his left nostril), moved out (my wife is amazing), but Stewart is still lodged in there. We have sprayed him with saline drops hoping to loosen him up, but it's not doing the trick. I even admit to something bad. While I was watching him alone on Friday afternoon I held him down and tried to get them out with tweezers. I couldn't get a good hold on them.

So now that I've outed my wife and myself as baby nose pickers, please be honest with yourselves and admit to it too and tell me how to get Stewart out. Help my son breath better.


Anonymous said...

Oh I will admit I am a picker. I still go after my 3 year old to get his boogers out. Ususally he will do it on his own, but sometimes I just can't resist. Peyton hates when I try and get his out. Seems like you have done everything that I would have tried. Maybe he will sneeze soon and it will come out.


Amy said...

I'm a terrible mom because I'd use a Qtip and risk shoving it up there further. But you'd have to do it while he's drinking or something so he's distracted.

You should see the stuff I pick while Carter's nursing. It's awesome.

I'm Not Skippy said...

My wife picked at his ears while he nursed and still does. She's also used a q-tip to try and moisten Stewart to coax him out.

Jenn Jones said...

Oh Wait until he gets them himself and EATS them!! UUUGGHHHH--it happens!
You guys have done everything I would suggest--still got that suction thingy? Try that to loosen it and go in with a good finger nail-Good Luck--God Speed Stewart!

ella1mom said... named the boogers :) I am a picker too. The only suggestion I have is the saline solution and then using a bulb syringe to suck it a little closer so you can pick it out. Good luck, those guys can be evasive.

caramama said...

Patrick Stewart! Bwahahah! Bonus points for that. ;-)