Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teeth of doom!. . .

Our cranky crab is teething. . . hard. He moans like a wounded animal most of the day. He bites his toys and cries. He'll be sitting on your lap and suddenly arch his back and scream. I feel bad for the guy.

A couple years ago I had my wisdom teeth cut out. Before they were removed, they'd hurt for a few days every month or so. I'd bite down funny or they'd just hurt from growing.

But I knew what a tooth was.

All he knows is the place where he eats hurts.

So we've been giving him some baby Tylenol and whatever else we can think of to help him out. Yesterday we had our yearly Barbeque and that meant people in the house. We were really worried about his normal 6:30 "my mouth hurts" meltdown, but the people seemed to distract him. . . or the Tylenol had kicked in.

He's trying to be a happy baby, but it's tough.


Anonymous said...

Awww poor little guy. My little man is teething too. Those teeth are so stubborn and don't want to come out. I heard it isn't the actual tooth cutting through the gum that hurst so much. It is more of the teeth working their way through the gums. Tylenol is great and I use baby orajel a lot too. That tends to give him some comfort. Also take a washcloth, get it wet, and put it in the freezer. That seems to help a lot too. I hope those teefers show soon.


caramama said...

Teething must seriously hurt, and it must be so frustrating that he doesn't know why!

For us, Infant Motrin works better for baby... and longer too!

Poor guy!