Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr. Junior goes to school. . .

A few weeks before school let out I took one of my usual Friday afternoons off and took Skippy Jr. to meet my wife's students. They had been asking about him for months and she thought it would be a nice near-end-of-school treat for them.

She told them late in the day that if they were well behaved for the afternoon, keeping the screaming and throwing things to a minimum, that she had a surprise for them. It took them a few minutes, but one of them figured it out, some thought it was ice cream and were a little disappointed. By the time I arrived with the stroller outside her classroom they were pretty wound up and knew what was coming.

After they got packed up and ready for gym class we came in and my wife walked around to the tables and showed him to all the kids ("no, you can't touch him"). I sat at the teacher's desk smiling and watching her parade him around. Some of the girls were looking at me and whispering to each other. . . I'm assuming they were saying "our teacher's husband is cute tee hee."

Then the press conference began. Most of the kids were yelling comments and questions to my wife. One little girl raised her had and was met with her teacher's passive aggressive, "thank you Natalie for raising your hand to talk, do you have a question." Instantly multiple hands shot up into the air, and in turn each of the students asked her a question or made a comment. "How old is he," "what color are his eyes," "I think Skippy Jr. has the same birthday as I do." One kid said "yes, my question is for for Skippy Jr.". . senator, what is your stance on global warming. Or maybe it was "do you like your mommy?"

So after a few minutes it was time for them to go to gym. By then he was frightened, as was I. But it was a fun, and after the kids left all the teachers got to fawn over him, which he enjoyed.

Just a story I forgot to tell a few weeks ago.

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This is so cute!!!