Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I swore I'd never do one of these. . .

Thank you CaraMama. . .

Four jobs I have held:
-Mannequin Repairman
-Face-painter at an amusement park
-Grocery store cashier
-President of the United States. . . no wait, I worked at a Dairy Queen

Four movies I could watch over and over:
-An Affair to Remember (and I'd cry every time)
-Batman Begins
-Oceans 11
-The Empire Strikes Back

Four places I have lived:
-St. Louis. MO
-St. Louis. MO
-St. Louis. MO
-St. Louis. MO (that's right I have never moved from this area)

Four TV shows I like:
-Burn Notice
-Good Eats
-Ninja Warrior

Four favorite foods:
-Mexican food
-Is Starburst a food?

Four places I would rather be:
-Under Selma Hayek (rarr)
-In a pool (preferably skinny-dipping)
-On a private island
-Somewhere sans mosquitos

Four people I’m tagging: How about. . .
  1. Joe
  2. Amy (no, the other one, you do these all the time)
  3. Sarah (cause she's been MIA)
  4. Janice (cause she's REALLY been MIA)


caramama said...

Thanks for playing!

You have to admit that this one was a little bit fun. :-)

Sarah said...

All right :-) Check me out~

~Joe said...

cool beans, I do it.

~Joe said...

oops I'll*

Vevina said...

You write very well.