Thursday, June 19, 2008

Better than Dr. Scholls. . .

I have found a new podcast. I've mentioned before I like podcasts. I was listening to Jumping Monkeys this week and their guest was a doctor. . . Dr. Mike.

You know all those questions you forget to ask your baby's doctor about at your regular check-ups? All those things you feel silly calling and asking about? All those emails you get trying to scare the crap out of you because you're unknowingly slowly killing your child? There's a good chance Dr. Mike covered it on his PediaCast.

At times Dr. Mike's reading of recent medical articles can be a little dry, and he can go on about some silly things, but all-in-all he reminds me of our doctor. He doesn't go in for hyped up medical things. He's is heavily pro-vaccination, and pro-not-being-stupid.

I highly recommend checking out his appearance on Jumping Monkeys and just as much his podcast, PediaCast.


~Joe said...

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I'm Not Skippy said...

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