Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cantaloupe or mushmelon?. . .

My wife is obsessed with the shape of our son's head. When we first brought the little guy home from the hospital he would always sleep with his head to one side. So the left side of his head has gotten a little flat.

She was so worried she put it on the list of things to ask the doctor when I went in for the last appointment. The doctor assured me that, though he could see the flat spot she was talking about, that his head was not misshapen enough to worry about.

Still she worries that he'll have to wear a special helmet. I do what I can, trying to make him sleep with his head turned to the other side. I tell her she's just being paranoid, but I still catch her staring at his head with a worried look on her face.

Anyone want to help ease her mind?

NOTE: the spikes on his head do not reflect the actual shape of his head.


Anonymous said...

I can assure you that his head will get back to the shape it was. Once they start sleeping on thier tummy's it fills back out again. Carter had the worst flat spot on his head as a baby. He would only lay on one side and we would go in and try to flip his head the other way to even it out, but he would just plop it back to his favorite side. Peyton is starting to get the same thing too. I know it is hard not to worry about things like that especially when it comes to thier heads, but it is normal and it will go back. Just think not everyone has a perfect round shape head. If that were the case we wall be walking around looking like bowling balls.LOL

~ Joe ♥ said...

It will all even out over time...if you look it up online you may be able to find info that will help your case, maybe that will help ease her mind...if not just show her pictures of babies when their first born most have misshapen heads :P

Jamie said...

Emily's head at 6m still has a flatter side because she not only was mainly on that side in utero but also she sleeps on that side. Miles had the same thing on the opposite side for the same reasons. It goes away I promise :)