Thursday, February 14, 2008

And warm woolen mittens. . .

So last night I thought I'd try and see if Skippy Jr. would go to sleep completely unswaddled.

He talked to himself and looked around and more importantly he chewed on his fists (it's his new favorite passtime). I had him in a fleece sleeper so I wasn't worried about his body getting cold, but during the past nights, while playing Bubblebeard the one-armed baby scourge of the seven nurseries, his unwrapped hand has gotten very cold. The danger of cold hands has increased with the hand chewing because now his hands are soaked in drool.

I left for Target because for the first time in 6-years of marriage and 4 years of dating I waited until the night before V-Day to get anything for my loving wife, whom I have to thank for my beautiful baby boy. I got back a half hour later and he was sound asleep. After aother hour he began to stir. Worried this meant he wouldn't make it much longer, I did the one-arm strap down dance and he slept his normal length of time.

So I've stopped fretting about his body being warm enough, we have enough thick fleece or plushy sleepers for his body to be warm enough. I know the doctor said not to worry about cold hands or feet. Still, I think I need to find some little waterproof mittens.


Anonymous said...

Carter my older son use to suck on those mittens that babies where when they are newborns. We would go get him in the morning and they would be soaked. You could also try putting socks on his hands, they don't slip off as easily.

Last night I swaddled Peyton up for bed and he fell asleep at 7. He woke at midnight because he broke free. I swaddled him back up and woke at 3:30 expecting to here him, but he didn't he slept till 6:45. I was so shocked. I hardley slept becasue I was worried about him and constantly went in and checked on him. When I went in he was unwrapped and sucking on the bumper on his crib. I doubt I will see a repeat of that night anytime soon, but it was nice to say the least. That was my Valentine's day present.


I'm Not Skippy said...

Our Valentine's present so far is an extremely fussy night. So much so we broke out the one Baby Einstein DVD we have.

~ Joe ♥ said...

Does he still fit the baby mitts they have to stop babies scratching themselves with their nails? those may keep him warm.