Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And the loser is. . . me.

I remember doing it. I swear I did it, but according to my wife I failed to buckle Skippy Jr. into his car seat this morning. She got to Grandma's house, went to pull him out of his seat and low and behold he wasn't buckled in.

I am the worst father in the world.


Amy said...

We're all allowed a mistake or two...he's okay and you'll always double-check from now on. Don't beat yourself up.

Janice said...

Dont let it get to you. I had something worse happen to Bryce. It wasnt my fault but I still beat myself up for not being there when it happened even though Barney was there. Barney has his head turned for once second. His 8 year old picked Bryce up and tripped and dropped him on concrete. I was a mess and still a mess about it even though Bryce is okay. He has no bruises or knots.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Believe me these things happen. We once put Carter in his carseat and thought it latched when we put him in, well needless to say when we went around a curve his whole carseat flipped over. Talk about panic attack. You are in no way a loser or a bad father.


Jamie said...

Oh we have been there done that with both kids. Rob has done it too so has my mom. I happens really it does. *Hugs* he is okay and won't remember hehe. ^ Yeah I did the same thing with Miles in his carseat too. He was latched in but his seat wasn't (he spilled cereal all over and I had cleaned under it) No worries you have a lifetime of Oops's to survive :)