Monday, August 3, 2009

Under there. . .

Do you remember this? You remember? How much my son loved having his face covered? So much so that the best way to get him to fall asleep was to completely cover him with a blanket and he'd fall asleep pretty fast? . . . well not much has changed.

The main difference is now he asks "under?' and then goes to our bedroom, climbs on the bed and pulls the covers up over his head. He then squeals for joy and bounces up and down chanting "under." He then comes out and announces that for his next trick he will take something under with him "choo-choo under?" or "dog under?" (it's a stuffed dog). He'll find the item in the house and bring it back so he can put it under with him.

The real fun for us started when we showed him that technically he's always under something. That's been blowing his mind.

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