Monday, August 17, 2009

Under still. . .

The boy's fascination with being under things has become worse. He shouts "Unna Geen" every time we pass under a green light. We've had to start shutting our bedroom door to stop him from getting in and climbing under the covers and We are now keeping an old sheet in the living room so he can crawl under it.

Then last night He took the blanket her sleeps with and pulled it over his head. It's very breathable so I wasn't too worried until he wrapped it around his head. I noticed this after he had fallen asleep while I was on my way to bed. I unwrapped his head, which couldn't help but wake him up a bit. He blinked open his eyes and mumbled "unna" and pulled the blanket back up over his head. I pulled it back down and when he said "unna" again I told him no and to go to sleep.

It's getting to be a dangerous obsession.

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caramama said...

My girl used to fall asleep under a blanket. Now, she likes to fall asleep under her pillow, with either my hubby's or my head under there with her (depending on who is lying down with her to get her to sleep). But once she's alseep, we lift her head up and put it on the pillow. I think I'd freak out if she wrapped a blanket around her head! Good luck to you guys dealing with that!