Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not a morning baby. . .

This morning was the worst morning I've had in a long time. Normally I stumble out of bed, throw on some clothes and make my way to what I'm calling my "morning coffee." I open my son's bedroom door and there he is, lying, sitting or standing, happy and smiling usually talking with his stuffed panda, Pete. He shows me how he knows how to turn his TV on. Sometimes when the light comes on he'll giggle, quickly run to the end of his crib, and lay down to play dead.

This morning. I woke to the sound of crying, and as we went into his room we were not greeted by our normally happy baby. Someone had snuck in and replaced our baby with a sleepy, crabby, screaming badger (or some other such mammal).

All through getting him dressed, if he wasn't crying he was closing his eyes to fight waking up. He was not happy all. At breakfast he cheered up a little once he got his cup of milk, he drink most of it right away. Then he scarfed down a banana. And then he was crabby because he had to put his coat on. Grandma reports that he was crabby and lying down all morning so she gave him a morning nap.

His mother and I haver been sick and we thought it somehow missed him. I guess we thought wrong. So far his only symptoms are sleepiness and crankiness. Of course our main symptoms were horrible chills. . . how can you tell if you baby has a chill?

Poor little monkey.


Anonymous said...

That is funny you posted about this, becuase Peyton has been acting the same way. Some mornings he wakes up happy, but has been more grouchy lately. I think Peyton is getting more teeth and he is a bear when he is teething. I hope Parker gets back to his chipper self again soon.


Sarah said...

Poor guy! I hope he's feeling better soon. Its so hard when they can't talk and tell you where it hurts :-(

caramama said...

That's a rough morning. I'm sorry he wasn't feeling well.

You know my child doesn't sleep well, so we often get mornings like this. I'm guessing he probably didn't sleep well and woke up still tired and cranky.

What exactly do mean by what you are calling your "morning coffee"? Is that not a cup of coffee?

I'm Not Skippy said...

No I don't drink coffee. . . vile stuff.