Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bouncing baby boy

Quick funny story. We just went to a shoe store to look for dress shoes for Christmas Eve. We set the little guy down so he could walk—he'd been stuck in the car seat for a little while. He immediately grabbed a mini basketball because it's THAT kind of shoe store. So after grabbing the basketball he starts running towards the front plate glass window, excited because he thought he could run straight outside.

He hit the glass basketball first and bounced off onto his butt.

Once we stopped laughing we found a good pair of shoes.

On a side note, the whole family is off for two whole weeks. I'll update you when one of us kills someone else. . . unless I'm the dead one.

1 comment:

caramama said...

I've got the visual in my head, and it's hysterical! Like a bird into the window, eh?