Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once you go mac. . .

I'm a mac user. I love my mac. A friend of mine recently asked if they should replace the old PC with a mac. I went on and on telling them a lot of good things about the mac and why it was a good idea to go with the mac. They said they asked someone who loves by PCs about it too and all they could do was tell them what was wrong with the mac. . . somehow they never mentioned what was so good about the PC.

No one seems to know why people keep going with PCs since they don't always work out so well. It's hard to get them to create anything good, but I suppose if you only want your computer to do the basics, and you're OK with everything crashing once in a while, it's fine.

I guess it's because it's what they're used to having.

I hope they decide to go with the mac.

**NOTE** This post idea was stolen from a man who called in to PRI's Whad'Ya Know? A radio show I listen to via podcast every week. I will try to make this be the most political I get in the next few weeks. . . I can't promise anything.


~Joe said...

Whats with mac users always trying to get pc users to switch? :P

I'm Not Skippy said...

In case anyone else missed it. Replace mac with Obama and PC with McCain.

Oh and because, like Obama, we know it's the better choice. Give a mac a couple weeks and you'll wonder why everyone doesn't switch too.

The only difference is you can switch yourself to mac without everyone else being involved. With Obama a majority of people need to choose him for it to make a difference