Friday, October 24, 2008

Of blankets and table food. . .

As our little family approaches one year were about to undergo a few transitions. Many foods fall off the not safe to eat list; many safety practices are fading away (did you know playing with a knife is still not safe?).
  • We served our little man eggs for the first time this week. He seemed to think they were OK, not great, just OK. We mainly aren't sure about feeding them to him again because we'd feed them to him for breakfast and we've learned twice this week that self feeding in the morning is a slow process that is bound to make us late.
  • Milk has been a no-no for this year and now it's supposed to become a staple of his diet. Thankfully that means the stinky formula is going away. He's already had cheese, yogurt, and ice cream so I'm guessing milk isn't going to be a problem.
  • Still no peanut butter or honey.
  • Once little Houdini broke free of his swaddling, the crib is supposed to be a no blanket zone. No blankets, no plush things, no bumpers, no fun! We've already been breaking that rule with Pete. And we used the bumpers until he was standing and climbing. Now I guess we're supposed to introduce a blanket into the sleeping routine.
So many rules, and now they don't apply.

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Anonymous said...

Wow look at that hansome little guy. I love the pictures you are posting. They are so cute. Yeah it is is shocking all the things you are told not to do and then how quickly it turns around and is o.k. Makes it more real how fast they are growing up. We have already switched Peyton over to milk. We started when he turned 11 mo. I know probably bad, but we knew he wasn't allergic to milk. I don't take Peyton to the doctor till he is way over a year old, which is kind of a downer becuase I am anxious to see how big my little man is getting.