Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cheap date. . .

We can no longer change our Mr. Mushy Face without this. A half used tube of Desitin. It's not that he has diaper rash or anything. It's that he's decided he won't be tied down to be changed anymore. So to distract him we hand him the tube of ass ointment to play with while we change him. . . we didn't plan on it, it was a spur of the moment thing. He was trying to escape one day so I handed him the closest thing I could find.

We especially need it to change poopy diapers. If we don't give him something to play with he grabs his well. . . he grabs his own shit. What do you want he's 9 months old!? I'm sure some day he won't want to grab his own feces.

This is a great time to mention his other favorite play things. I've already mentioned his bowl.

He loves playing with paper. We've given him magazines we've finished reading and he rips them apart and plays with them. The first few times he tried to eat them. Since then he's stopped and, though we watch him still, we're less worried about him eating the paper (plus working in a business that prints a lot I happen to know most printed pieces are perfectly safe, printed with soy-based ink on good clean paper).

He plays with the remotes and the cordless phone. We use them to teach him to crawl (which he's doing like a pro now, but that's another post). He loves playing with cups, coasters, and empty water bottles, but his new favorite toy is an empty Pringles can.

He plays with the canister, then when he gets bored we take off the lid and he plays with that, then again when he gets bored we switch again. He's even learned that it's fun to yell into the tube because his voice sounds funny. He'll put the tube edge in his mouth and yell.

The joke has always been you spend money of expensive toys and the kid will play with the box. Our kid won't even make it to the box, he'll get caught up playing with the paper.

What non-toys can your babies not live without?


Jamie said...

Save some of the empty water bottles and fill them with different stuff like rice, beans, bells, noodles, etc and then hot glue or glue the lids on. Those were my kids fave toys that and one filled with a little bit of blue water and salad oil

Anonymous said...

Alex can't hold on to much yet, but he's already gotten attached to his white barfy rags. They're so easy for him to grab, nom on, and he especially likes to rub them all over his face. Bonus that he can tell the difference between any of them so easy washing!

Amy said...

Carter does the ass grab too. It's lovely. I need to find a tube of goo that's hard to get open...our A&D squirts out too easily.

As for toys, he loves his remote. He's also into this blue cup we bought him. He likes to "drink" out of it. That backfired today in the tub. Mouthful of water. Oops!

caramama said...

The Pumpkin will play with everything you just named (except the tube she plays with is my toothpaste, as we thankfully didn't need the diaper rash cream).

But lately, her favorite toys are the chairs and sofa. She is constantly climbing on and off of them. Who needs an expensive jungle gym when you have wooden! kitchen! chairs!

~Joe said...

Savannah has a keyboard, yes an actual keyboard, I'd have to fight her for the one to the computer so much I said screw it and just bought a cheap 10 dollar one, same cost as a baby toy :P