Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Careful what you wish for. . .

Every parent looks forward to their child saying "ma-ma" or da-da" for the first time. Last week the kid was into whispering "da-da." It was cute. Now he's learned "ma-ma."

"Ma-ma" doesn't mean he wants his mother. It means he wants something. . . held, a toy, food, sleep, the remote. . . it also means he's sad, happy, angry (that's just a loud "MA!"). I know the first couple times my wife was ecstatic the first time our little pizza roll said "ma-ma," but, judging by the look on her face when I got home, if she hears it one more time I fear she may drown the kid in a sack.*

He's lucky he's cute.

*Note: my wife is a lovely person and would never actually drown our son in a sack.


caramama said...

I remember this same issue, except with dada. I must say that I saw it coming and simply didn't consider dada his first word until he actually meant his dad. My hubby, however, insisted she meant him every time. And he loved it every. single. time. He has a higher tolerance for some things than I do. ;-)

Jamie said...

Hehehe most days when Rob gets home I tell him I am changing my name to something other than Mom or Mumma or Ma. And your lucky Miles's first word wasn't da da or ma ma it was ki ki (kitty) Emily got it right for Rob lol she said da da (as she slugs him too)