Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So cute. . .

Sorry the picture is grainy, I took it with the isight on the laptop. I just had to try and capture this sweet moment. Last night our baby slept really well. I'm attributing it to my kick-ass swaddle job last night (so kick-ass I may video tape it and post it on YouTube like this woman).

Until last night, I though he didn't like being swaddled. He'd break out every time. Now I realize he may not enjoy it for trying to stay awake, but if you get him in a tight swaddle he'll fight a little and then doze off on his own.

So this picture came because when she got up for her turn at feeding, my wife swaddled him the old way and he broke out and was fussing this morning. So since he spent the whole night in his bassinet I thought he should come hang out with us while we wake up watching TV. . . OK while I wake up watching TV. Mommy and Baby want to keep sleeping.

I'm OK with that. They're great to watch. My little sweeties.


Amy said...

LOVE this picture! And how much you love them. Makes my heart swell.

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture. I remember those mornings. He is such a sweet little boy. You both are very blessed. Enjoy these moments. They grow up so fast.


Rodney said...

This one's great.