Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two questions about food. . .

  1. Is my son the only baby who, when he realizes he's hungry (e.g. all the time), must eat everything he can fit in his mouth right this second? So much so that he'll stuff his mouth and then come to the conclusion that he needs a drink to help wash it down, but then either a) his mouth is so full he can't suck through his sippy cup so he has to pull some food out in order to take a drink or b) his mouth is so full he can get a drink but the drink won't fit in his mouth so the milk just runs out and down his chin. What was the first question? Oh yeah, is my baby the only ravenous baby out there.
  2. When you put a piece of food in your child's mouth (normally something messier than normal—non-finger food) he pulls it out just so he can set it down and put it back in his mouth by himself. Anyone else have that happen.


Anonymous said...

1. Yes. Peyton puts so much in his mouth that he chokes. He has a horrible gag reflex so it doesn't take much to set him off. He acts like we never feed him. I put food on his tray and he is shoveling it in. Sometimes he protests depending on what it is. He has gotten better about trying things though.

2. I have never seen Peyton do this. He may just like the whole self feeding thing and wants to put it in his mouth himself. No matter how messy it is I just put it on his tray and let him go to town. Unless it is applesauce or something that he can't scoop up with his hands.


Sarah said...

Enjoy having a good eater :-) We do not have one this time around. I swear that Chloe has found a way to draw nutrients out of the air because it certainly isn't from eating- LOL!

caramama said...

1. Not really, though our girl will sometimes keep putting grapes in her mouth till she looks like a chipmunk. I think she just really loves grapes.

2. Yes. And sometimes when she sees you are trying to put something in her mouth, she will flip out and say No to it, then you put it down or hand her the spoon/fork and she will take it and put it right in her mouth. URG! She wants to do it herself! Oh, and lately, if you put something in her mouth she doesn't want (or says she doesn't want), she opens her mouth and lets it drop right out. Really gross.