Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feed me. . .

I have tried some of the feeding ideas that some people gave me. I liked the drained soup idea, but our now more picky eater didn't like them much. He's also decided that the pancakes he loved aren't so great afterall, but bananas are the best thing ever, next to cheese puffs.

On the cheese puffs. . . I admit when I started on those I gave him the popular brand of cheese puffs, you know the one with the cartoon cheeta? Since then I have bought a bag of Snyders of Hanover's MultiGrain Aged Cheddar Cheese Puffs. We both love them and they're not that bad for him. He doesn't get anywhere near a full serving, he'll eat 3-5 depending on how long we're all sitting at the table together. I have compared them to the Gerber equivalent and they are a little higher in sodium, but still close (BTW I love the veggie dip flavored gerber little crunchers, I wish they made adult bags of those).

Ham and cheese is still big. Mostly he just eats bits of what we're eating. He'll eat a whole banana in a sitting. He loves the softer apples I got last week, I'll cut the flesh out for him and eat some flesh and all the skin myself.

The good part of all of this is him eating better means we eat better. We want him to eat what we're eating and we want him to eat more fruits and veggies so we eat more fruits and veggies. I like that part.

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Anonymous said...

I know Peyton can be a little stinker when it comes to meal times. He is so picky sometimes. I will have to try him again with bananas. He does love pancakes. He is like Stewie on Family guy when he gets pancakes.LOL I love those veggie thigns too. I find myself snacking on them every now and again. My husband loves the cherry puffs. :)