Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water baby. . .

This past week our little guppy has decided that he is through with sitting in the bathtub. He starts off with trying to stand up holding on to the side of the tub. We then pick him up and put him back down on his butt. He then fights to not sit on his butt and rolls over to a crawling position in the tub. He'll slowly slide down the tub and his mouth will get bubbles in it which makes him cough. Then he'll see the water and dive down for a big drink. . . and cough some more.

Nothing we do is helping him want to sit back up like a normal person. He still seems to love being in the bath, he lays on his belly and kicks his legs and waves his arms like he's Michael Phelps. He just won't sit up, which makes us worry he'll swallow too much water and drown.

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caramama said...

I gave up trying to make our little girl sit. I'm still working on trying to stop her from drinking nasty bath water... she thinks it's funny, and I try not to get too POed. It's just dirty water. It won't kill her. But ewww!