Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One small step for baby, one giant leap for babykind

Our little wanderer took a step last night. One unsupported step. And I was the only person who saw it. He was standing near the trash can in the kitchen, banging on it (it won't kill him). He turned to try and go to the jumperoo and his legs were spread a bit. So he moved his back foot up and forward. I gasped. He raised his arms over his head and squealed. His mother knew something had happened, she was upset when I told her that she had missed it.

That's it, just one little step.

On another development note he have more teeth about to erupt. You know how you see the little light colored bubble right before the tooth pops out? His left front tooth has been that way for a little bit. Because he doesn't like us to open and look in his mouth I flip him upside down a few times which makes him smile wide and open up for us. While looking at the progress on the front left tooth I noticed the one on the left of that is poking through, so I kept looking. . .the one to the right of the front right tooth is poking through too, everything but the front right tooth.

Crazy growing going on.

ADDITION: I forgot, he also learned how to climb up onto a box last night. It was a night of great discovery.

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caramama said...

Yeah for the step and climbing!!! I hope the teeth all come out soon.