Thursday, September 20, 2007

No popcorn for me thanks. . .

Birthing videos are no fun. We watched 2 of them in class this week. Both were from the 1970's, both featured bad hair—including a woman with a mullet, and somehow both videos were of women with thick Boston accents. The first woman decided she wanted to help pull the baby out so, after the head popped out, she sat up, reached down and pulled. The second had a husband whose idea of helping his wife relax was to sing "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain" (I'm guessing such actions will get me killed).

So as I said, they're still showing videos from the 70's. Imagine. . . you're in your 30's and having a baby, you go to childbirth class and it's video week, the instructor puts in the video, presses play, and next thing you know you see your mom in a hospital gown bent over with a contraction and your dad standing behind her. . . or worse yet someone who isn't your dad standing behind her!

Our class started with 3 couples during week one. Week two introduced a 16-year-old and her aunt. Week three we got a couple that was there for a make-up class. . . that's right, a make-up class. You can only then imagine how fussy the mom-to-be was when her husband wasn't completely posing in the labor poses like the drawings on the poster. "You're hand is too high, the guy on the poster has his hand lower down, how can this be relaxing if we don't match the couple on the poster. My mother was right, I should have married Greg." And so on.

We laugh a lot in class. . . we're the bad couple.

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Janice said...

Everytime you post a comment regarding your class, I get more and more anxious for my upcoming class which is next Saturday, all day. I also have a "Baby Basics" class next Tuesday in which I am a little excited about.

Have a great weekend!