Saturday, May 12, 2007

Goodbye cruel world. . .

This is an email I just sent to a friend. I thought I'd share it. . .

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I hope we'll see you at the BBQ. This will likely be the last one. You see, my wife has come down with a life threatening condition. . . it's called pregnancy. It's not supposed to be contagious (though 4 teacher's at her School have it) so you should be OK around her.

The condition will worsen until it changes into full blown parenthood (around November 15th) at which time I will be catching it too I'm afraid. There are limited treatments for the first condition, and the second, sadly, has no cure. We've heard that this "parenthood's" symptoms consists of sleepless nights, irritability, and the inability to do normal grown-up things (including the grown-up thing that got us into this mess. . . yes, it is sexually transmitted, but the condition is transmitted by a non-carrier).

So again hopefully we'll see you at our BBQ or at Ann's party in June.

Hope all is well with you and Dave.

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